Whether you’re a long-time art supporter or this is your first art endeavor, WELCOME! Deciding to have a custom artwork created is very exciting indeed. You’re ordering a one of a kind piece of work created by hand, made with love and intention, just for you. Once cared for properly, this piece will be with you for life - a treasure that can be passed on for generations. Art has the profound ability to move people deeply and I expect nothing less from the work that I will create for you. 
So! If this sounds like something you’re into, simply follow these 5 steps :)
1. Use the contact page to let me know you’d like to place an order. 
2. I will request that you send me some photos of the animal you'd like me to draw and we will work together to choose the best reference photo for your portrait.
3. I will require a 50% (non-refundable) deposit to secure your booking. 
4. When I get started on your drawing I will update you and send you some progress photos along the way.
5. Once completed, I will send you a photo of the finished piece to make sure you love it! At this point, I require the remaining balance and your portrait will be available for pick up. (Shipping is also available for an additional cost.) I request that all finished portraits are picked up within two weeks of completion, unless you have arranged otherwise.

How much does a portrait cost? 
Costs vary depending on the size and number of subjects you would like drawn. Please see my pricing grid for more info. 
Click HERE for pet portrait prices. 

How can I make a payment? 
I’m currently accepting payment through interac transfer (jenniferbranaganart@gmail.com) or paypal. (www.paypal.me/jenbranagan

How early should I order my portrait?
Please order your portrait as early as possible - portraits typically take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete, plus delivery time. If you do have a last minute request, please do reach out. If I can accommodate, I will be happy to do so.
How much does shipping cost? 
Shipping starts at $9.75 and costs vary depending on where you’re located, how big your portrait is and how many portraits you order. If you’re planning on having your portrait delivered please keep this in mind! I'd be happy to provide an estimate for your delivery costs. 

I'm worried the portrait will get damaged in the mail... Is it packaged securely? 
Yes! All portraits will be secured safely. They are packaged tightly with foam core on the outside to protect the piece from damage during travel. Additionally they will have a tracking number to monitor their safe arrival. 

I have two separate photos of people/pets that I would like to combine into one. Is it possible? 
Yes! It is possible. However, I would need to see the photos to confirm that they will work together. It’s important to me that I can do them justice and make them work cohesively in one portrait before I take on the commission.

Got a question that’s not answered here? Don’t hesitate to ask! 
Reach out using the contact page.