Hi there, I'm Jen. 

I'm a Toronto based, graphite artist specializing in hyper realistic portraits of your beloved animal companions. What makes my drawings unique is my ability to not only capture a likeness of your animal, but also their soul's essence in my drawings. 
Inspired by the animals in my life, I began creating pet portraiture about 8 years ago when my partner and I adopted our two cats. I have been drawing animal portraits ever since. I intend to do each animal justice in my rendering of them. My goal is to encapsulate their unique personalities and create a piece that allows the viewer to feel their energy as they are engaging with it. 
Over the past year I've embarked on a journey exploring Animal Communication. I trained with Meg Vickell of Modern Day Dolittle. Animal Communication is the process of connecting on an energetic level with animals, past and present, so that we can telepathically send and receive messages to and from them. My AC training allows me to connect with the animal's energy as I draw. The final art piece is a highly realistic graphite portrait that embodies the animal's soul and spirit, bringing them to life on the page.
I believe that animals are some of our greatest guides and teachers. A portrait is a beautiful way to honour them and remind us that they deserve to hold space in this world. Treating them with more kindness and compassion will help us to become more loving human beings.    
Thank you for visiting my site and exploring my work. I look forward to working with you and your animals ~ Jen