February 19, 2021

I think we’ve all experienced some kind of shift in perspective over this past year.
There’s something powerful that happens when we are forced to face things that we didn’t expect we would have to confront. For me, the pandemic brought on a re-evaluation of life as I knew it and having to consider some real questions about what I truly wanted. My partner and I had recently moved to Toronto from Vancouver and had big hopes and dreams for what our life here would be like. We wanted sophisticated jobs and new adventures.
I got a job at a bank and experienced life in the corporate world. I was excited to have a 9-5 schedule with a salary and benefits and never having to work on the weekends. It was fresh and new and a significant change to teaching art, which I had done for more than 8 years at that point. Change is good and presents so many opportunities for learning and growth. Although I wasn’t totally satisfied, I was appreciative of my job and I was making the most of my situation there. 
When the pandemic began, I couldn’t help but reflect on life and our purpose here. While a lot of people were experiencing a kind of disconnection from the world around them I was feeling a sense of relief to slow down and actually take the time to try and connect to myself which ultimately made me feel more connected to the world around me. I felt as though all of the hustle and bustle of everyday life had stopped. I was no longer caught up in it and I stopped too. This brought a sense of peace and calm. I felt as though all of the sand settled around me and when it did I began to see things more clearly. 
It was an opportunity to step out of the hustle, change direction from the flow and walk in the direction that I wanted to go. The direction that I’ve always wanted to go. That I genuinely feel I am supposed to go. So I did it. For me it was scary to walk away from a job, especially during this time but on the other hand, it was scarier to stay there and be afraid to walk away. And if I was having this desire because the world was in a state of emergency and I could see clearly that life is fragile and our time here is precious, then in fact, it was the perfect time. 
I truly believe that decisions made in love and hope hold the potential for so many more positive outcomes than those made in fear. I want to thank those who lovingly support me and unwaveringly encourage me to follow my dreams. My partner, family and friends and those who follow and support my work. I can’t wait to share more of this journey with you. 
                                                                                                -  Jen                 

A painting from my first art show "Breaking Waves" in 2018.

4'  x  4' 

Acrylic on Canvas